How To Open Online Crypto Wallet And Generate Bitcoin Address

 1. Click here to register 

- GMail is recommended. Do not use disposable or fake emails.

- To be maximum protected please enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) via mobile or tablet on your GMail


- Carefully choose your password. Minimum 10 characters long and include letters, numbers, and

  special characters.

 2. Generate your bitcoin address 

a) Click on 'Your Wallet'

b) Click on 'BTC Options' and 'Deposit/Receive'

c) Click on 'Add New Deposit Address'

d) Your bitcoin address should look like this: 1HU4WtbCfo7pqaXa4ky1LhdbPsY6JEis6A

e) In graphics code your bitcoin address will be like this:

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